The Mormons. A Harmless Bunch.

For centuries, the Mormons have been persecuted, bullied and ridiculed.

And I for one, think such violence and vitriol towards God’s chosen people has been completely undeserved.

What did these peaceful, lovely Mormons ever do to anyone else?

They wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Take leader Joseph Smith. Tarred and feathered for nothing more than his name, his beliefs and for propositioning a 16yr old girl called Nancy and possibly having sex with her.

And what of the Mormons in Missouri? Persecuted for nothing more than their beliefs…

.. and for sexual allegations, bank fraud, and inciting violence.

And for preaching to the residents that their lands would be taken away and given to the Mormons instead.

Cry me a river non Mormon Missourians.

And what of brother Brigham Young? Despised for what? What did this Prophet do that was so bad that it warranted anger from his fellow Americans?

Besides covering up an unprovoked massacre of 120 men, women and children on a wagon train that is.

And stealing gold, coinage and wood & ironwork from the wagons of the dead to build homes.

And blaming the local Pauites for the attack. (who, lets face it, were black so were probably to blame).

And asking the government to reimburse him and the church for the childcare they’d offered the 17 surviving children of the parents they had decapitated and left for dead?

Kids don’t come cheap you know!

But apart from all of that? What did he do to deserve the hate?

What did ANY of these fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, peaceful Christian Mormons ever do?

And don’t talk to me about the Danites, the Mormon vigilantes who burned homes and stole goods in the name of the church. Because who can blame them? With all the unwarranted abuse they were receiving for NOTHING but their beliefs.

If you were in their shoes and your leader had been wounded in a battle, you too would have mutilated the unconscious aggressor, struck him lengthwise in the mouth, cut off his under teeth, his cheeks and broken his lower jaw.

It would be the right thing to do.

To make matters worse, I’ve heard pathetic requests from the descendants of the Mountain Meadows Massacre (that unprovoked attack on 120 men, women and children) for an apology from the church!

Why on earth would we apologise for murdering innocent travellers, leaving their dismembered skeletons to be ravaged by the elements and the wolves for two years?

Nobody’s perfect.

And anyway the Mormons involved in the massacre even went to the trouble of leaving a stone & wooden monument at the site of the attack.

Inscribed with the words “Vengeance is mine, and I will repay”.

They didn’t HAVE to go to that trouble did they?

I rest my case.

Defender of the faith

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Josh Tenes

Josh Tenes

Defender of the faith

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