Seventeen Tips For A Spiritual Sabbath

I’ve had some church friends (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) bend the rules recently on Sundays. I’m not judging but I think it’s pathetic. It’s their salvation though, or lack of.

For me, Sunday’s are the days when I’m the most happy. I love everything about them.

So I thought it might be worth sharing some tips and rules I’ve heard to really make the Sabbath Day special.

Here goes.

  1. Don’t spend money. If you’re out of gas, cancel that family visit, or trip to the hospital to visit the terminally ill friend. If your baby is crying and needs food and you forgot to pick up groceries on Saturday, do not be tempted to feed it. god will provide. And if you do have to pick up food, wear a cap and sunglasses and get in and out of the store as quickly as possible, safe in the knowledge that if anyone sees you they’re also heathen sabbath breakers.

I’ll leave it there but as you can see Sunday’s really are such a special day. A joyous time where we all feel relaxed, at peace and constantly uplifted.

Throughout this pandemic I’ve really missed physical Sunday services. I’ve hated the lie-ins every week for the last three months, not having to wash and iron clothes, attend endless meetings. It’s not made me happy in the slightest.

And like all of my fellow members, I too was devastated (heartbroken even) when President Nelson cut church from three hours to two. That didn’t evoke feelings of joy at all! Because I just love church – but when a Prophet speaks we must follow even if we don’t love the command.

I love the Sabbath day and can’t imagine how uninspiring and dull it is for those who have the freedom to do whatever they want. Ugh.



Defender of the faith

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