Polygamy’s Not Wrong. You Are.

Anti Mormons with their hateful & bitter rhetoric would have you believe that polygamy was wrong. That the practise did not come from God. That it wasn’t completely normal.

Which is just dumb.

They would try to convince you that a Prophet of God marrying two 14yr old girls, two 16yr old girls and three 17yr old girls is totally weird.

That promising 14yr old girls eternal salvation in return for marriage & sex was some kind of perversion!

These unfeeling, ex members would like you to believe that it was somehow immoral and totally unnecessary for a prophet like Joseph Smith to marry 11 women who were already married to other men (most of them upstanding members of the church). And that sending these men on missions while hooking up with their spouses was somehow… wrong.

These apostates will try to tell you that polygamy was categorically illegal when practised by early Mormons. And that this is at odds with a foundational article of faith the church has – something about ‘honouring, obeying and sustaining the law’?

They’ll attempt to persuade you that lying to your first wife about your other 33–48 wives is immoral or abnormal!?

Heck, some of these guys even think that faking a marriage ceremony to two sisters (who you’ve actually already married) to pretend to your first wife that you waited for her permission is somewhat deceitful? Or unbefitting of the founder of the one true church on the whole earth.

These ex LDSers will have you believe that Joseph threatening women that he would ‘ruin their character’ if they rejected his marriage advances was somehow… not ok?

They’d have you question how Joseph sealed himself to so many women, before the sealing power actually came to earth.

And plant doubt in your mind as to the legality of some of these marriages, implying that they were possibly just… affairs!?

These accusers would question the primary reason for polygamy (creating children) citing studies that clearly show if women marry different men, more babies are likely to be made. They’d raise highly irrelevant census stats, proving there were always more men than women in Utah between 1890 & 1904. Most capable of baby creating.

These detractors of the church would tell you that Orson Pratt’s suicide note, left for his wife after finding out Joseph Smith tried to marry her was somehow a bad thing!? Or a bit sad!

Or that the early revelation for Mormon men to marry ‘lamanite’ women so they could gradually become more white and delightsome was utterly racist and abhorrent!?

These wicked inactive church goers would question why Joseph Smith was threatened by an angel with a sword to practise polygamy properly when he already had 10–16 wives…

And they’d no doubt throw shade at the fact that Joseph lied to his friend about making advances to his teenage daughter, only to then be found out, to then backtrack and claim it was all just a big test?

Come on, who wouldn’t do the same?

These critics would probably try to make a case against Bishop Snow attempting to send away a young boy on a mission so he could marry the lad’s young girlfriend. They’d suggest that it wasn’t ok to then convince this guy to dump his young love, and then eventually ambush him with some friends and castrate him so God’s will could be done. In fact the really lost souls would have you believe that it was a bit odd for, then prophet Brigham Young, to hear about this attack and say ‘let it be’ and keep Bishop Snow in office.

They would spew the utter nonsense that Brigham was not really within his rights to tell Henry Jacobs a fellow Mormon that he was going to take his wife and the mother of his children now for good. And that somehow it was ungodly for poor Henry to then be forced to find a new wife with no notice and never see his children again?

What’s more, this anti Mormon crowd would infer that Brigham probably wasn’t the best Dad to his 55 children or husband to his 29 wives. How can they be so sure?

Or that 78yr old John Taylor didn’t deserve his 26yr old wife. And that age is actually more than ‘just a number’?

These fools will suggest that the Mormon church didn’t stop polygamy because of divine revelation but rather to avoid confiscation of church property by federal law, including the Edmunds Tucker Act?? Ha.

What utter nonsense from these desperate unbelievers!

Thank god we can all read the above, use our own common sense and conclude that none of these stories, or historical facts are in the least bit cagey and are clearly all perfectly and totally normal.

Defender of the faith

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Josh Tenes

Josh Tenes

Defender of the faith

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