Men get the Priesthood. Women get Babies.

Josh Tenes
2 min readFeb 26, 2021

Why are so many women up in arms about their role in the Mormon church?

Loads of chicks, see? Can’t even count them on one hand.

The nonsense I hear…

“Blah Blah, there isn’t a single female in the 16.5 million population of the church that has a leadership position over a man, blah blah blah blah”

“Women weren’t invited to say prayers in General Conference until 2013, yada yada yada”

“The worldwide church is led by 15 men, and a further 109 men beneath them. Boo hoo!”

“Women were instructed to obey their husbands in the Temple as recently as 2018, zzzzzzzzzz”

“Heavenly Mother is mentioned once in 341 Mormon hymns…”

“Prophet, Howard W Hunter said ‘I hope the time never comes when women will be brought down to the level with men, although they seem to be making these demands in meetings held … all over the world.’ yeah yeah whatever…”

“In 2017, the church allowed female employees to wear pants and slacks for the first time to work...yada yada.”

“Girls are told to cover their shoulders, backs, knees and at one point were even told to not curl their hair. Sexualising and shaming them from a young age, blah blah zzzz”

“The church still practises polygamy — the current Prophet is sealed to two women. What does this say about the value of a woman?… BLAHHHH BOOOOORING.”

Seriously, it’s so pathetic.

The priesthood is hardly a gift. If anything it’s a chore for men. They need it more. I mean, technically yes it’s God’s only true authority on the earth and the power to save and lead the church. And the world.

But women have power too.

I mean we let them witness baptisms in 2019, with the 12 year old boys.

And in the Temple they can sort of do stuff. With our supervision.

But the main thing is, they can have babies! They have the *gift of creation. What a wondrous, divine unparalleled gift.

So there you have it, the church is definitely not sexist. It is led by an all-knowing deity. Not men, limited by their societal and generational views, as some idiots would have you think.

Oh and if God meant for women to have authority and leadership, why did he make them so good at cooking, cleaning, sewing and floral arrangements? Duh! Do the math.

*Granted they can’t actually do this without a man.