Leave The Church. And Leave It Alone.

Josh Tenes
3 min readApr 19, 2020


Why is it some people can leave the church but can’t leave it alone?

Why do so many care so much about the history of a church that they’ve dedicated their whole life to? Why would that be important?

Why do they love to read historical accounts about the Prophets they’ve completely and unwaveringly put their trust in? Why are they so interested in the stories of the founding of their religion and the founders themselves?


And why do they want to voice their concerns, and thus risk poisoning the faithful? I honestly can’t understand why someone who has given up their life for a religion, had their sexual relationships, their diet, their personal time, their underwear, their behaviour, their finances completely dictated by that religion would want to TALK about that after leaving?

It just doesn’t make any sense right?

I mean what are their motives? What are they trying to achieve? And don’t give me that bullcra*p (sorry for swear word) about mental health, loneliness, depression and the importance to process the fact that you’ve been lied to for your whole life after a faith crises.

Like that’s important! Keep it quiet guys.

If they hate it so much why don’t they just keep it to themselves? And just never ever talk about it after decades of doing nothing but talking about it.

You know?

That would make a lot more sense. And be completely normal.

As a believing member I just don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to know about Joseph’s multiple first vision accounts that don’t correlate. I’m not worried that he couldn’t remember if he saw God, Jesus or both. People forget things, it’s totally normal. I don’t care about his Book of Abraham translation proven to be completely made up, his marrying teenagers and other people’s wives. I don’t need to hear about the shady translation process. I don’t care that he shoved his face into a hat with a stone in it and didn’t even look at the cloth covered plates. I don’t want to think about the racism and sexism of God’s one true church, the lies and cover ups. I don’t want to know about my tithing being used for questionable ventures. I don’t care about the homophobia (Adam & Eve not Adam & Steve guys) the electric shocks used in BYU to cure ‘gayness’. The high suicide rates among LGBTQ communities in Utah is not of interest to me. Nor are the Masonic Temple rituals, the threatening language used in old ceremonies, the killings of the mountain meadows massacre. And no I do not care about the complete lack of Book of Mormon evidence or the lack of Middle Eastern DNA in Native Americans. I’m not concerned by the utter lack of prophesy or revelation since Joseph Smith with 14–15 combined Prophets, Seers and Revelators. I don’t care that my leaders are all white, old and male. And I don’t get hung up on the fact that in 2020 women are not permitted to have any priesthood authority or priesthood leadership. It’s a guy thing and I for one am cool with that.

We don’t let the world dictate to us their increasingly loving, christlike, tolerant equality crap. We do our own thing. In our own time. Take 1978.

So please, keep your history to yourself. I have faith that the religion I happened to be born into is the one true church. And that my God is the one living Father in Heaven.

Not the other 4,000 religions or any of the other 3,000 gods.

And no I don’t think if I was born in India I would be one of the 1.5 billion Hindus or Buddhists. I’d be a Mormon. Ok?

Flipping Weirdos.