Blue Collar Missionaries

Josh Tenes
2 min readJun 12, 2020

My heart is full. My spirit is lifted.

When I heard the news today that missionaries can now wear blue shirts (in some areas, as long as they’re not at church, a baptism, the Temple, leadership and zone conferences, missionary training centres or other church meetings and are male) I felt a deep gratitude for modern revelation from the heavens, for a true and living Prophet that speaks directly to God on the world’s behalf.

Never have we needed a guiding voice more than we have in 2020. Never has the world longed for direction and clarity from their very creator, through his chosen mouthpiece on earth. Never has the planet needed heavenly instructions through God’s one and only true church.

Amidst one of the worst pandemics ever witnessed, with hundreds of thousands of deaths, widespread sickness, unemployment, and an impending global recession. And in the aftermath of horrendous police brutality, systemic racism, riots, looting, and political division.

How wonderful, how inspiring that the creator of heaven and earth is still talking to his church and kingdom throughout all of this. Communicating answers the world and church long for.

Truly no detail is too insignificant for such a loving omnipotent being. And no policy too unimportant for the church during this global meltdown.

What an inspiration. What a testimony builder! How anyone can hear about this amazing blue shirt revelation & policy and think the church is man made, not divine or not led by an all powerful creator is madness to me.

The celestial realm is truly open. And I for one can’t think of anything more important or life-affirming than this announcement in 2020.