Why are so many women up in arms about their role in the Mormon church?

Loads of chicks, see? Can’t even count them on one hand.

The nonsense I hear…

“Blah Blah, there isn’t a single female in the 16.5 million population of the church that has a leadership position over a man, blah blah blah blah”

“Women weren’t invited to…

My heart is full. My spirit is lifted.

When I heard the news today that missionaries can now wear blue shirts (in some areas, as long as they’re not at church, a baptism, the Temple, leadership and zone conferences, missionary training centres or other church meetings and are male) I…

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (TCOJCOLDS for short) has come under fire, from some, for it’s management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But I for one think they’ve handled it perfectly and prophetically.

Let’s run through some of the inspired and marvellous things the Church of Jesus…

One of the strangest attacks on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints concerns the artwork displayed in their chapels, temples and official publications.

The complaints tend to focus on the ‘inaccuracy’ of the artwork.

It is sad to me that so many of these assaults come from…

Happy Friday everyone. Some great quotes to kick off your weekend.
Feel free to screenshot and post to Instagram.

What are Prophets for if not to inspire and promote Christlike love?

As I love to say. All relationships should be threesomes.

Josh Tenes

Defender of the faith

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